The perfect marriage of nature, art, architecture and poetry...

Venice, one of the most loved and appreciated city in the world for the perfect marriage of nature, art and architecture.
To be a city placed on the lagoon is its main feature, which makes it so charming and unique. Elegant buildings whose basements sink into the lagoon water; small bridges which cross over the  canals; ‘gondolas’ and boats that are the only means of transport!!

Walking along the ‘calli’, we are suddenly taken by a pleasant sensation: a jump into the past, getting back to the ‘ Serenissima Republic’ age.
This feeling is even deeper during a particular part of the year: Carnival time!
Not only big cultural events! For some weeks the city is surrounded by a special atmosphere: you can see the traditional masks that walk along the ‘calli’, stalls  that sell typical venetian cakes and food, theatres built in the ‘campi’.

The magic charme of this city is  highlighted at sunset when the bright lamps reflect their light on the lagoon.
It is a city which welcomes visitors and can surprise them: rich of history, Venice, in any corners shows marks of its sumptuous past brought back by its architecture and by lots of Museums.

It’s also surprising what you can find on the outskirts. Venice, often full of tourists, can be more appreciated if you choose to stay in the countryside, not far from the centre of Venice.

Villages like Scorzè, halfway between Venice and Treviso, let you easily visit both cities and enjoy quietness and relax.