A walk trough  the ‘portici’

among small nice shops in the historical centre


Our B&B is a few minutes far from Treviso by car, a very nice town full of history and charm.

Treviso is placed on the Venetian plain, a very rich ground full of water; it is crossed by plenty of quiet canals that give it a special charm.
Its origin is very ancient: some antiquities date back to the Bronze age and paleovenetian period.

In its characteristic centre you can find the main historical and art landmarks which deserve your attention: Piazza dei Signori, The Palace of trecento, The Cathedral, St Francis Temple, St. Catherine Museum with frescoes by Tommaso da Modena.

But it is a walk through the lanes that will gives you some pleasant surprises: the town charm comes from the warm and involving atmosphere along the medieval lanes in the centre that shows you wonderful glimpses of the canals and the river Sile, like Buranelli Bridge, Pescheria island (a fishermen’s market), Ca’ dei Carraresi, or Dante’s Bridge located at the cross-point between the Rivers Sile and Cagnan (Dante’s Paradiso, IX, 49) ‘Dove Sile e Cagnan s’accompagna....’

If you are tired of walking, we suggest to stop and taste some typical dishes of Venetian tradition: the famous red chicory of Treviso used to cook risotto, to prepare appetizers and cakes and many other dishes, the creamy ‘casatella’, the asparagus, the typical salami and soppressa.
Finally some wines, the wellknown prosecco, cabernet, merlot.
A true invitation to savour everything bit by bit.